Welcome to Acorn Window Winders

All around the suburbs of Australian cities, pre- and post-WW2 homes were built with metal frame windows and a variety of window winders like the one you see above. Now, half a century later, these tired fittings are begging for retirement and not before time. At Acorn Window Winders, we are the undisputed experts on these window winders and their associated window locks. Chances are you've been trying to find replacements for a while... so the good news is your search is over!

We are exclusive Australian distributors for a range of brand new, latest technology replacements MADE IN THE USA.

These metal-window winders are high quality, beautifully finished, strong, operate smoothly and are very durable, unlike other winders we have encountered.

"My replacement winders are available to replace your old Roto Winders and others. Yes, they really are made in the USA and Acorn Window Winders has been installing them for over 30 years. Give me a call if you are looking for a long-term, reliable solution"

Window Winders Australia Pty Ltd,
ABN 97 198 059 009

We provide a no-fuss, fast and efficient change-over service for Roto-WInders and others (Lockwood/KM, Whitco, Dowell etc), guaranteeing you many more years of faithful service from your steel frame windows and new window winders.